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FedEx Ground Team

From left: Reneé Brown, product specialist; Paul Kirkeby, senior programmer analyst; Chauntisse Foster, senior product advisor; Alan Hunt, IT manager.

Knowledge Is Power

FedEx has always understood, and our customers agree: Information about the shipment is as important as the shipment itself. For managers of complex supply chains, information represents a trusted lifeline of shipping milestones that keeps operations and expectations on track.

"The data enables companies to operate in a just-in-time mode that minimizes the use of warehouses, saving them time and money," says Alan Hunt, manager, Information Technology, FedEx Trade Networks, which provides air and ocean freight forwarding and other transportation services. "Customers need to know that shipments will arrive when and where they’re needed, whether it’s in stores for the holiday season or on a manufacturing line."

For current information about their international freight forwarding shipments, customers turn to My Global Trade Data from FedEx Trade Networks. Here’s how it works: As the FedEx global freight forwarding arm, FedEx Trade Networks provides full-service inbound and outbound air and ocean freight forwarding services, including customs brokerage.

Shipping Containers

For freight forwarding customers, data is a differentiator.

"Freight forwarding services tend to be highly customized and can be complex because they often involve multiple entities," says Hunt. For example, a bulk shipment can move through a trucking company in China, a Chinese warehouse facility, a container ship, a U.S. trucking company and a U.S. warehouse before arriving at its final destination.

My Global Trade Data collects and aggregates up to 30 shipping milestones, making it easy and convenient for customers to track a shipment’s status. Without this data, some customers would have to warehouse shipments months in advance to make sure they’re available when needed.

Based in Buffalo, New York, the My Global Trade Data team provides exceptional customer service by supporting the web-based tracking and reporting tools that customers count on to manage their international shipments. "The team always goes the extra mile to make sure our customers are satisfied," says Chauntisse Foster, senior product advisor.

"Just about every day we roll out enhancements that improve the quality, reliability and amount of data our customers receive," says Hunt. "You can’t have enough data in our business."

My Global Trade Data also includes:

  • A resource library of international trade news and information on tariffs, regulations and
    import requirements.
  • Forms to create U.S. and Canada border shipment documentation online.
  • Timely duty and tax information for more than 175 countries.
  • Real-time inventory data and enhanced reporting.