To stay ahead, we change the game

FedEx Ground Team

From left: Kimberly Whigham, managing director, Vehicle Maintenance; Jeff Grimm, managing director, Linehaul Planning; Brian Neal, manager, Safety Process Management; Steve Griffin, vice president, Linehaul; Rich Sturges, senior manager, Linehaul Engineering.

Life in the Fast Lane

Pop quiz: What’s one of the primary reasons customers choose FedEx Ground over the competition? The answer is speed, according to our customers. Accelerating transit times has been a priority for FedEx Ground since 2003, and it’s paid off. Overall U.S. ground parcel-market share has increased to nearly 30 percent, doubling over the last decade. It’s a phenomenal feat, given the competitive marketplace and economic slowdown that continues to linger.

Meet Steve Griffin, vice president of Linehaul, and his team. Together they fine-tune the ground network, increasing levels of speed, reliability and safety across thousands of lanes throughout the United States.

Fast, Faster, Fastest
FedEx Ground Team

As FedEx Ground passes the competition, customers jump on board.

Since 2003 the team has helped accelerate 87,860 lanes —
71 percent of the lanes in the country — by one day. Today
FedEx Ground can deliver:

  • 83 percent of packages in three days or less.
  • 61 percent of packages in two days or less.
  • 23 percent of packages overnight.

Today, FedEx Ground and the more than 1,500 small line-haul businesses that transport packages for FedEx Ground are faster to more locations than any other ground carrier. "Customers have noticed," says Griffin. "Some are changing their distribution systems to take advantage of these delivery times. If you locate a distribution center in Chicago, for example, you can reach the majority of the country in three days using FedEx Ground."

Targeting Opportunity

FedEx surveys ground shippers to determine which lanes could add more customers by matching or exceeding the competition’s transit times in those lanes. "This year alone we accelerated more than 2,000 lanes while maintaining industry-leading safety standards," says Griffin.

"I’m proud of my team for embracing change and executing it flawlessly," says Griffin. "We made a lot of changes this last year, and as a result, we had the best peak season ever. Twice our usual volume was delivered with 99.2 percent on-time service excluding weather delays." Of all the impressive statistics FedEx Ground can claim, this is the metric of which Griffin and his team are most proud. "It’s what we stand for at FedEx Ground," he says.